Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hi there.  Here we are in northern Baltimore county Maryland in the not predicted snow!  So annoying.  But I think I had said that I would write about a groovy etsian and -even though I mentioned this one before-I want to turn you on to Autumn Leah Designs. 

I guess this could be a male but I am guessing female so I will say "she".  She has a great site on etsy selling personalized stickers, tags and more.  I love the whimsical nature and colors of her stickers which are available in square and circle shapes. 

Check out her valentine offerings!

So her etsy address is and she also has a web page!

I love these for cards, envelopes, to add to a gift, to add to a purchase...customize!  As I said in another posting, she made me the cutest round stickers with a Christmas stocking that looked like it came straight out of Whooville ( the grinch stole Christmas).  I used it as a thank you sticker for the purchases made at the Christmas bazaar and everyone noticed them.

I think this year it would be fun to order some custom valentine's stickers with my company name and handmake lots of valentines for my friends and potential customers...what do you think?

Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!

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