Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Enough already.  I think we've all had plenty of time to read about the ouch pouch.  I have been delving into the wonderful world of advertising.  You can advertise your blog or your etsy store (http://www.plantress.etsy.com/), or you can just advertise any old thing you want.  My question is-as a joke could I advertise on a men's magazine site something about my work friend Sadie?  And make it so she can't trace it back to me?  This is an important business development question.  I understand that I am supposed to be setting goals for 2010.  A fake ad saying "hi, I'm Sadie, call me for a hot time" is high up there on my list of goals for this fiscal year.

What the poo is a fiscal year anyway?  Wait, don't answer until I put my hands over my ears and sing "la, la,la" really loudly.  Honestly, math and I are not the best of friends.  Who DO I get along with?  I get along well with the written word of fiction, word search;(on a 5th grade level, not too hard), cheese steak subs and, of course, my imaginary friend.  Sometimes I think people I work with are imaginary friends.

The burning question of the moment is "what is for dinner?"  I am not cooking tonight so I really cannot micro manage the meal from my comfy red couch.  I don't smell anything though.  Except the usual dog smells that eminate constantly from our 12 year old lab, Camper.  His is a rich stew of odors my friend.  Would that you could be here with me to ask repeatedly-"phew!  Did you do that?"  Oh the joy we could share!

Did I mention that we have 3 dogs?  No?  Well, we will discuss them in great detail at another time.  Right now my imaginary friend is urging me to yell up the stairs-penetrating the fog of metallica and incense (jk), to yell "when are we having dinner and what is it?"  All I can say is, it better be good!

More later,
xo  Plantress

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  1. Sadie thinks that would be a wonderful idea! Do it. Ahhhh....she can hear the laughs now. What if, as a joke, Sadie advertised Plantress ona PeGad site?