Sunday, February 21, 2010


I always forget how nice it is to get out once in awhile.  After spending about 7 hours on design related projects yesterday it was nice to just go out today and not even think about it. 

I went to hunt Valley and saw Valentine's Day with a work buddy.  It was pretty cute...a montage of different relationships on that day.  A couple of surprise endings.  It was kind of annoying that the woman at the end of our row said she saw a mouse and that end of the theatre talked the mouse up during a good part of the movie.  Not overwhelming or anything-just people being people.

Nothing too new and exciting.  Cooking out in the slush-speidies for dinner which is basically marinated chicken in a special sauce.  My puppy is playing with her stuffed elephant and wants to show it to me.  A good day.  Work tomorrow.

Contracts soon!

More Later,

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