Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some pretty sweet Quilts

Hey there party people!  So, I was doing my usual trolling/spying looking at other etsy sites when I came across these really colorful quilts from a shop named :

Domestic Bliss Collective (DBC) is a group of three artists based in Seattle and San Francisco, focusing on fabric and culinary arts. Started by college roommates Kate Franco and Monica Lewis as a casual social gathering and creative outlet during their time at Santa Clara University, DBC remained a back-burner project for several years. With the addition of designer and veteran quilter Abigail Taylor in 2005, DBC refreshed its direction and renewed its mission to be an example of young professional women in the domestic arts. Many DBC projects are collaborative and each artist feeds off the creativity of the group, drawing inspiration and support from each other.


I liked these pictures.  They remind me of the antique quilts that I collect from auctions but with a fresh, modern color palette!

this is the Rosalind quilt
 old fashioned quality constrction

the Freddy Quiltthe Jamie Quilt

Just Beautiful!!! 
Please give their shop a peek-they have quilted baby bibs as well


  1. Wow, thanks so much for your kind words! We really do love working together and strive for quality craftsmanship in all we do.

    You can link directly to our etsy shop at: