Saturday, February 13, 2010

sweet new listings

I have been a busy beaver today!  Laundry and vacuuming, mopping and dusting.  Taking photos and adding new lisitngs to my etsy site.  Visit to get the full effect.  Here are today's earrings: 
well!  Looks like they are above us. 

Last night I stood out on the front porch and made boneless lamb on the grill.  It was rubbed with cracked pepper and rosemary.  We had a big green salad, roasted potatoes and the lamb with mint jelly.  It was very good.  Grilling in the snow is good for the soul!

Happy Valentines day tomorrow people!  My beloved will be going to a drinking party at our friend's house.  I will not be going as I find the whole wine tasting too depressing when I am not joining in!  The guys will congregate in the basement and sample beers while the ladies will taste test wines and try to identify them by
multiple choice.  Also there will be great food.  Sigh.

I'm sorry that noone will be getting Valentines from me this year.  The big storm threw all the plans out of wack.  Think of all the calories we will save by not eating chocolate!

I hope you like the earrings.

GUESS WHAT?! I almost forgot to tell you that I was featured in a treasury!!!!!  A huge deal for me!

take a look!

more later,
xo Plantress

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