Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday is taco night

Do you have certain meals that you like to have midweek?  I think lots of peeps have the Friday night pizza tradition, payday means take out from the Fortune Inn chinese restaurant over there near weiss, but what about those midweek dinners?

Trying to get from here to there means stretching it.  I am a semi fan of the family size ground beef package.  When I say semi fan I mean that ground beef isn't the best for your health compared to chicken or fish but we eat lots of chicken here in plantress land-lots of wraps and casseroles involving chicken, so ground beef week is different.  And this is one of those weeks!

So last night we had burgers for the first time in a long time.  I like to customize the burger by poking gorganzola or some other nonsense in there to try to make it "gourmet" but last night I was just happy to have ketchup.  So, ok, that is Tuesday.  Tonight, same ground beef is going to make tacos AND before I go to bed I'm going to start chili in the crock pot for tomorrow night.  We might get snow and, at the plantress household, snow means chili or some kind of funky stew or sausage w/red beans and rice or jambalaya-not sure of the spelling here.  Anyhoo, just saying that a large ground beef can go pretty far.  Really, who knows that you only put a couple of cups of it in the chili?  By the time the onions and beans and green peppers and garlic and tomatoes all cook down you really can't tell and it tastes yum.  Better get out the beano!  Comment please and tell me what your favorite midweek stretcher meal is!

on another note:

Bad news for my friend Sadie today.  Her stinking Saturn with only 21k miles on it has to have the whole electrical box associated with the steering wheel replaced.  She was driving around and the power steering just locked up.  She had her baby in the car!  The estimate is over $500 and she is quite distraught.  It seems like none of us have any extra cash lying around right now.  Anyway Sadie-if you read this I hope you can find an honest and inexpensive mechanic.

More later!  Taco time!


  1. Ooh, gotta love tacos and chili! If I know a week is going to be hell I'll usually make a lasagna on Sunday to last the week. Quesadillas are our "oh shoot, we forgot to get groceries" or "we're too tired to make anything" dinner. And "fancy pasta" always sees us through (pasta with turkey sausage and veggies and some marsala wine).

  2. Plantress - my favorite mid-week meal is spaghetti. In fact, that is exactly what we are having for dinner this evening.

    Thank you for thinking about my car - it will get fixed sooner or later.....
    xoxox Sadie

  3. mmm..... now I feel like tacos. some of our faves during the week are lasagne, nachos, cous cous, and stews. ;)