Monday, March 15, 2010

back from the dingy north

Hey, Hey!  First I would like to give a shout out to my only commenter, and perhaps only reader, CABIN & CUB.  You, my friend, make my life worth living!  Thank you for hollering back across the vast distance of internetdom.  I have someone who cares!

I just got back from the town of Oneonta, NY and would like to report that it is seriously dingy at this time of year.  We expected to play HGTV househunters with the rental agent who spent part of her precious Sunday with us but we were a bit discouraged by the slim pickings.    Because of Hartwick and SUNY there is a ton of student "apartments" but very little going on for the young professional.  Only 2 apartment complexes within a hundred mile radius.  Lots and lots of sketchy houses divided up into sad little apartments of one or two rooms.  Only one available apartment in one of the complexes.  We chose it.

The romanian manager of the complex had his office in a shed meant for mower storage.  His ancient granny was in there with him and he quickly ushered her into his car so we could have some private "shed" time.  The whole experience was a tiny bit depressing.  But we are waiting to hear if our bid for the ground floor level apartment was accepted so that we can spruce it up with art and shower curtains from target.  Maybe even anthropologie curtains.

I spent alot of time sharing the back seat of the rental agent's compact car (which needed a good cleaning), with her 11 year old daughter Cherise.  I just want to point out to you, Cherise, if you are reading this, that if you are STILL thirsty you can drink your own spit.  Also, 11 is too young to go to the teen center alone to "hang out".  Also, your "friends" Sara and Tara are probably talking about you behind your back and you know why.  Just sayin'.  I had to bite my tongue off practically.

I know I promised pictures but really I was too busy drinking coffee, eating pastry and laughing with Cherise to actually take any.  I tried to take pictures of the apartment but the current tenant had all the curtains drawn so it was dark.  I also want to tell you that the camp where we stayed had no water the first night.  All that coffee and no water.  Let's just draw a veil over the events.  My daughter is scarred.  She has developed a fear of tupperware.  TMI?  Never!

Well it's bedtime!  I bought a gps for this trip and have become intimately aquainted with it's voice.  My new fav word is "recalculating".  See you tomorrow.  goodnight cabin.  goodnight cub.  goodnight moon.

More Later,


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  1. Traveling and looking for new living quarters(or helping someone else)...VERY stressful! Glad you had a safe trip and much luck with the apartment.