Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The exquisite Peonie or Peony Flower

Here in Northern Maryland one cannot fully see the ground for snow is still covering much of the earth.  There are muddy patches and there is snow.  Dirty snow I might add.  It is very grey and bleak.

That is why I turn my mind's eye to the peony today.  It will appear outside my house in June, just after the Georgia O'Keefe poppies have finished and gone to twisty seed heads.  I have about 3 different kinds of peony but they are all saucerlike and you can bury your face in them.  I don't mind the ants and tiny bugs that call each flower home.  To me it is like little individual cities.  OK maybe that sounds a little weird but I kind of like the surprise of whatever emerges.  Take them to work and maybe you'll get a tiny spider or me that is nice when I am stuck inside.
I can just smell them can't you?  They are my favorite flower and their time is so fleeting.  Luckily, they make great cut flowers.

More Later,



  1. OOOH, I LOVE PEONIES! i can smell them NOW!

    (hey, i posted a few more comments about the top model, come on over and check it out ;D

  2. I'm thinking of spring too! I can't wait for flowers to start blooming :)