Sunday, April 18, 2010

Did I mention that Martha and I spent some time together this morning?

I was having coffee.  Martha, as usual, was just too busy planting things to stop for a cup.  She showed me how to plant carrots and radishes.  Lest I become bored she took me inside and showed me the proper way to fold towels that are fresh out of the dryer.  From there she quickly threw together a couple of small neck pillows made from hand towels, (after sewing on some pretty grosgrain ribbon she had lying around), and began some other sewing projects.  As she began to make picnic pouches out of old rags I had to leave her.  Honestly, some people just don't know how to relax.  What the hell is she on anyway?  As I turned the corner towards home I could hear her in the back garden telling the master carpenter how to make trellises for the side of the house.

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