Thursday, May 27, 2010

At the Mall

So I was shopping at Anthropology, where I got my new couch cushion with the fishies, and I got inspired! There, in the window were these two women creating a giant woven bamboo cabana-like installation. Have you ever noticed at Anthropology how they basically have giant displays that are hand crafted? Two years ago they had an IMMENSE canopy made of hand twisted paper flowers glued together to form a giant arch. So I was very curious, and much to Emily’s chagrin, I began to ask them questions.

They both worked in that shop. No one from corporate sent them instructions, they were just winging it and were making this giant tikki hut window display with bamboo shoots and a staple gun. It was amazing!

They wouldn’t let me take their picture and told me that the store had a policy about it so no good shots for you but I figured I’d give them some free publicity anyway. Anthropology is such a unique store-I always get inspiration there. Sometimes, very rarely, I buy something.


  1. I love the decorations at Anthropology. Last year, I was at their store in San Francisco during holiday season and was captivated by the giant paper art sculptures. Fortunately, the artist was there in the store working with her paper who gladly answered my questions.

  2. Now that would be a fun job--making window displays for Antropologie!