Tuesday, May 11, 2010

oh how I've missed you

I swear this blog is like a friendship.  If you don't talk for awhile you end up putting it off because it will be ackward catching up etc.  I haven't written since last Thursday?  Friday?  I forgot to take the laptop on my road trip and feel that I have lost touch with you!

Lets see.  I had the show and while it was sparsely attended it was another good learning experience.  My hostess was very nice and thoughtful and the setting was beautiful.  I also made money which is always a good thing.  Right afterwards we left for our whirlwind drive to Alder Creek and then St Lawrence.  We met Eric, Emily's boyfriend who seems very nice.

I can't wait to start making new jewelry.  I had to remove things from etsy because they sold-including my favorite bracelet!  I just ordered a magnifying light so I can string some tiny garnets with pearls. I am waiting for sterling wire and a bunch of briolettes.  Why does it seem as though no matter how many supplies I have there isn't enough?  Especially pearls and garnets and amythest.

We leave again on Thursday to go meet my son's fiance's parents.  Also, Lauren, the lovely fiance, is getting her masters from Simmons so we will attend the ceremony, go out to dinner and discuss wedding plans.  Very exciting!  We might also go shopping in some consignment stores.  whoot.

More later!  Off to catch up w/you

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