Monday, May 24, 2010

Richard's little raincloud overhead

My husband has the worst luck.  Bad stuff happens to him/us on a regular basis!  I swear I didn't grow up this way.  My life was fairly ordinary but Richard lives under a cloud.

Tonight, he went up to his company truck to go get chinese carry out food.  Yo and behold, the A/C fan was running even though the truck was off.  Smoking as well.  As in electrical overload.  Richard tore back into the house looking for tools to disconnect the fuse before the truck had an electrical fire.  Guess which tool was the best?  My jewelry pliers!  HA

Anyway he was disconnecting fuses right and left and nothing worked so he finally had to disconnect the battery!!!

Let's just say he is already in bed at 8:30.  Tense.  Unhappy.  Unlucky.  BUT NOT UNLOVED

I guess I'll go up there and keep him company.  The bed will probably collapse tonight or something equally as weird!

More Later,

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  1. Wow...Glad your husband is OK. And how kind of you to share your tools to help him out!(Ahhh...true love!) Maybe he's just getting all of his mishaps over with early so that he can breeze through the rest of life with no worries! Best wishes to you both!