Monday, June 14, 2010

Art Fest 2

So, hello!  Don't you love Monday?  Everyone was kind of cranky today and, frankly, it kind of harshed my mellow!  But shake it off we must and on with the show.

Another really cool etsian that I met at the craft fair was ERICA ROBERTS of CEK Custom Designs.  She was totally friendly and not at all weirded out by my request to take pictures as some folks were.  She had some beautiful necklaces and looked great for 90 plus degrees in the shade.  Wouldn't you agree?

She had some super looking jewelry and some amythest drops that I got at a deep discount!

Love the purple pendant necklace and matching earrings!

Everything was very well displayed. 
I think you should take a peek at her shop

Here are her links:
Erica likes to think of herself as a nonconformist and especially likes working with Precious Metal Clay.  She feels like a part of herself goes into each piece she creates.  Erica is a member of BEST, the Baltimore Etsy Street Team.  She donates a portion of her profits on certain items (see listings) to the March of Dimes.  Erica has overcome some adversity in her life and wishes to give back through her contributions.

Erica of CEKCustomDesigns, it was a pleasure to meet you and I hope that our paths cross again soon!

More Later,


  1. How sweet of you to show us some Etsians at the Art Fest! Erica has some lovely pieces in her shop and her photography is superb!

  2. Very cool. I'll bet it was a day that helped shake of the crankiness! Thanks too for sharing a talented peer - her work is lovely (though the blog link didn't work).

  3. what great pieces! She really put some time in those you can tell : )
    lol never heard of "harshed my mellow" going to have to say to husband lol thanks!

  4. Thanks for sharing. What lovely jewelry :)

    And it sounds like you had fun at the fair while meeting so awesome people :)

    Have a wonderful evening, :) T.