Tuesday, June 8, 2010

condensing your book collection

I think every house should have a library.  Even if you have to take apart a closet and add shelves you need to have books in your life and at your fingertips.  This summer I am changing a couple of rooms and wonder what I will do with all my extra books.  I'd love some suggestions!

More later!


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  2. Books do give a room character. I really like the 2nd picture of the cottage style library, how lovely it would be to have a nice room just dedicated to books and comfy chairs in which to curl up and read them. :) As far as where to stash volumes of beloved books when space is tight, I wish I had the answer to that one. I thought about putting a shelf up high, like 20 inches down from the ceiling to line books on but then whenever I wanted a book I'd have to go get an 8 ft. ladder in order to get it down. :( Hopefully one of your followers will have a wonderful suggestion that will answer that question.

  3. Well, you could try Amazon or sell vintage ones on Etsy. I've donated some to the local library and charity sales.
    It's so hard to part with a book though.