Thursday, June 10, 2010

Here at work we had some interesting lunchtime conversation over our wine merchant sandwiches. First of all, we were standing in line waiting to get our giant order tallied, when we began to hear mutterings behind us from someone who was obviously in a hurry. It turned out that this crazy woman was in a BIG hurry for her midmorning pint of vodka which she casually threw in her purse (no bag for me thanks, I’ll just be drinking it out in the parking lot!) Which indeed she was. When we left she was busy pouring her pint into an open “water” bottle in her cup holder…so convenient! Very scary stuff.

While at lunch, safely back in the land of the, as far as we know, vodka-free, we were entertained by our colleague telling us about her Aunt who is a hoarder. The kind of hoarder where the colleague and her cousin come over every couple of months and fill a TRUCK with garbage bags of stuff she has gathered since their last clean up.**** This topic naturally led to odd things that said colleague has seen in the house. Turns out that one of her least favorite possessions of the Aunt’s is a crocheted Barbie Doll toilet paper cover that sits, along with 4 Bibles for easy reading, on the toilet tank cover at Auntie’s house.

I personally find this charming. But do not want one. So don’t get me one. Ever. It was a great lunch and I hope to have another like it tomorrow so I will have good stories to share w/you.

**** we all agree that we LOVE the tv show “hoarders” because it makes us feel normal and like super house keepers!

More Later,



Ps here is the PIC in case you want a Barbie potty doll….


  1. Oh sugar, Plantress....whatever will I do with the present that I just ordered for you?

  2. LOL Never have I seen one of those...too funny!

  3. That is too funny! I love your blog. I am now following you so lead on oh great one!

  4. omg i've never seen that. Creative anyway. Following you from Blog Hop Friday: