Thursday, June 17, 2010

lets not forget Pinkkiss Pottery!

This is the last one, well, maybe it's the last one.  Shawna Pincus was the very first booth that I wanted to go into when I got to the Gunpowder River fest lo those many days ago-almost a week-(I have really gotten some blog mileage out of this single festival have I not?!)  She had bunting!  That was colorful and sweet!  As was she!  She had the cheeriest booth there.  I loved her clothing and her pottery.  Here are the pictures I took:

I wish my pictures were a little more detailed.  You can't really see the bunting. 
Here is what I stole from Shawna's Bio:
. I have a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art as well as a post-bac teaching certificate from Towson University. I work out of my home studio. I am interested in making beautiful things that serve multiple purposes, are easy to care for and are affordable to people like me! I am inspired by textiles, nature, vintage kitchen products, home design and fashion. I strive to make housewares that express an individual personality. There is nothing more satisfying then drinking from a cup that was made by human hands. I have people tell me that they will wash their favorite mug after every use just so that it's clean for the next time, even though they have a cabinet full of clean commercially made dishes!I hope I can be the maker of your next favorite mug!

I like this bowl very much......
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  1. What gorgeous pottery! I always feel for those people at shows who have large, heavy and/or breakable items. Jewelry is just so much easier to sling around, isn't it?

  2. COOL, COOL stuff!! Looks like so much fun, and I saw sun too - the sun is severly lacking in Oregon these days!!
    I also wanted to thank you for leaving me a lil' love on my blog!! I appreciate it!!

  3. well I like to peek at other people's doings