Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday out and About at the Gunpowder River Art Festival-a peek at Etsians and their wares!

What a super, terrific day it has been!  I got some homestead purple verbena planted along with some euphorbia and now I am hoping for rain.

We went to the Gunpowder River Art Fest in Monkton, MD today, and I will be posting about the etsians that I met there in the next couple of days.  It was so exciting.  I came away with some lovely soap, some wrapped drops of amythest and I bought Richard a tee shirt!

Let's start out with Byrdcall Studio.  Byrdcall was THE vendor I was seeking to write about today.  I had bought one of their trout tee shirts on sale a few weeks ago and Melinda Byrd included several different show fliers in my package.  See. this marketing ploy does work!  So I went to the first annual art fest,  found her, and was knocked off my feet by her booth. 
Here she is.  Look how she has her shirts arranged.  She has labeled bins beneath each hanging shirt and they serve as helpyourself bins, easy to pack
up at the end of the day.  These unique images are all created by Melinda starting as woodcuts and linocuts.  I am very partial to the fish and also dogs but there are many striking designs on thick, good quality shirts. She even carries larger sizes so I was able to buy a shirt for Richard in size 2xl!  The shirt I bought him has a design called lab ying and yang and it is a yellow and a black lab in a circle with a heart.  Very ying/yang when you think about it.  They also create custom printed clothing, Unique Art, Floorcloths and custom painted glassware,  If you can imagine, this "buy it now" type of product is only the tip of the iceberg!

Melinda has an etsy shop and a web site

If you want something made of the highest quality and not mass produced you might want to head over to Etsy and snag a t shirt.  Here is my big guy relaxing on the yellow couch in his lab ying/yang shirt

More Later!

ps-She is going to be at the Westminster Fiddler's Convention tomorrow brewing beer!

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