Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"the time has come" the walrus said" to talk of many thing"s

perhaps the walrus would be so good as to discuss crest white strips with me.  I have them in right now!  They seem to create a good bit of spittle in my mouth.  I have this new friend from Greensboro, NC who I met at the beach.  Here name is Judy.  Judy, are you having trouble remembering to do the white strips every day?  I'll check my comments later and see if she answers.  The beach ladies vowed to do white strips at the beach and to continue at home...

Anyway, they def work but I hate the 30 minutes that they are in because of the excess spit.  Me thinks I need a spitoon.  Ahoy matey.  Argh and yee gads today seems to have a pirate theme.  Mayhaps one needs a bit of Captain Morgan in me.  As if.  that. would help.

More Later,