Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Donut Shop in Eagle Bay

If you find yourself in the old forge, NY region-at the bottom of the fulton chain of lakes, be sure to stop by the Donut shop along Rt 28 N as you head into Eagle Bay.  The shop has a huge sign by the side of the road on the right and once you have tasted their donuts you will be an addict for life!
Pat and Dave Rowe own the shop and they have been in business there for 7 years.  I chanced in a few years ago on my way up north to Camp Regis Applejack.  Since then I try to make the trip at least once a year and this morning we piled in the old wagon and rode up, craving those sweet donuts all the way!

When you get there go up to the little screened window.  Go ahead and just ask for a dozen sugared donuts.  Believe me, no one gets just one or two.  You have 2 choices-plain "cakes" or sugared, and sugared is the way to go.  We got a dozen and each of us had 3.  I could have eaten more but we got another dozen to bring back to Alder Creek.  That's how good they are!!!

this was my view from the little window

I got to go in the back and check it out.  The big fry tub was empty but there were trays and trays made up.

Pat told me that they have a facebook Fan page....
They will ship them to you next day air
and once you've had one you will know why people ask to have them shipped...

Homemade donuts Daily

these donuts are the world's best.  I kid you not!

More Later,
ps.  we also went to an antique show in old forge on the way home.  There was some good old pack baskets and fishing creels.  I found a postcard of our relative JD Kernan.  It was a great photo of the house which still stands right down the street.  Then a swim at North Pond and out to dinner on the road tonight.


  1. OMG I LOVE cake donuts! They are my absolute favorite! I am drooling looking at these pictures! I sure wish I lived closer although I'd be 300 lbs! lol..

    And yes I know exactly what you mean about the blogs with the endless blog self promotion and giveaways....I usually bypass those!

    I didn't realize you were in son lives in Towson!

  2. Why have I never had these donuts before?!?!

  3. I am so glad you introduced yourself! Thanks so much for such a nice review. If you know a way to send this to The Donut Shop of Eagle Bay NY on facebook it would be a nice addition. I have tried, but, can't seem to get it there. See you next time you are in Eagle Bay.