Thursday, July 29, 2010


Dinner party attack!
 hostess:  "Aren't these tomatoes lovely?  They are the best dish tonight!"
"Plantress, would you like some more tomatoes?"
 Me:  "Oh, no thank you!"
 Hostess: " Plantress, did you have any tomatoes?" 
 Me:  "no, I didn't"
 Hostess:  "I'll go get you some"
 Me: " no thank you"
 Hostess: "Don't you like tomatoes?"
 Me:  "not in that form.
Hostess:  "What do you mean, 'not in that form?'
Me:   I like salsa and gazpacho and ketchup and tomato soup, I just don't care for some"
 Hostess "shall I cut it up for you?"
 Me:  "NO THANK YOU.  I don't care for tomatoes in the round!"

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