Monday, August 16, 2010


Well, it is that time again.  Time to give up those lake days and concentrate on locker lists.  Today was my first day back and it was a very pleasant easing in.  There is much to be done.  I was happy to see my friend Ralph, Sadie was very dear and little D was a delight.  I felt welcomed. 

When I got home there was a check for me in the mail for just over 4k.  I know, right?  Sigh and double sigh it was just a scam from some company in Ontario.  I won a prize.  I was to use the $ sent for taxes and redeemption fees.  Ha ha ha.  I am such a sad sucker.  The check was perfect.  I couldn't find the company but I found the prize manager Joe Malone online under scams.  BOO

In other matters; I think that I will be doing a fair in early October.  Time for more pearls.  And sterling!

Please feel free to make me feel better by donating 4k to my blog.  Honestly, after I saw the check I felt like they were taking away MY money by the time I did the scam research.  How quickly (and fleetingly) I posessed it.

No one is home but Richard and me.  Hmmmm.  That's a first.

More Later,


  1. Bummer about the money, don't you just hate those pesky scammers :) T.

  2. Aww, too bad, what one could do with 4k, right?

    I used to enter those Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes and would laugh at the wording on their envelopes, like; "Congratulations you're a winner" and then inside you find the letter that says; "If you return this entry and your number is chosen". Yeah, my number out of how many hundred million others. LOL