Thursday, August 26, 2010

I think Sadie got her feelings hurt when I said she was a creepy stalker. Sadie is a woman that I work with who is basically young enough to be my daughter. This point was driven home to me by a woman in the loemann’s dressing room who thought it was so cute to see me out with my preggie daughter. I had gone with Sadie to give her moral support as she tried to find some “in between” wear during the time between finding out you are in a family way and the time you actually NEED maternity clothes.

Needless to say I wanted to hurt this woman. Sadie is fricking 30 years old for God’s sake which means I must look 80 or something. I told the woman that the pants she was trying on made her look fat. Just kidding! Maybe…

Sadie is creepily nice. You think you are her best friend but you can never be sure. She is very popular. And secretive. Once, I was riding in her car and she made me put my head down near the floor when she saw people she knows. She has a cute nickname for me too; she calls me “taint”. She says it’s a combo of Aunt and Saint but sometimes people laugh when she calls me that.

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  2. Sometimes at shows people ask me if my mama is my sister. I always just say, Yes. Then, she yells at them and tells them no.

  3. well I'm a little too new at your blog to tell if you are being funny or really ticked... ha ha... but I"m not so sure of the "Taint" I'm thinking that it is not as affectionate as she lets on... just my 2 cents. Did she really make you put your head down?

    oh well you know what they say about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer!

  4. Cute post. :D
    Think we've all had a "friend" sort of like Sadie, so we can all laugh as we nod our heads in recognition.

  5. mom taint doesnt mean what you think it does