Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My place of work is so full of personalities. I have to say; at times it’s like a soap opera unfolding. We have bright young people just starting out into the working world, we have cranky old crones who are sick of being here, we have administrators seeking constant flow-change is good, we have those who should retire but don’t know.

Guess which I am.

I want to say that I really pretty much love everyone. Or should I say that everyone has something to bring to the mix. A fresh perspective or years of experience-it makes a good blend. Yes, we have a few creepy folks like my friend Sadie, but she has good hair and doesn’t wear too much crazy makeup which makes up for her creepy stalkishness.

Hi Sadie! Sorry to call you on your ackward-ish (ackish) behavior but we all know you are secretly in love w/Ralph Lauren.

More Later!



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