Friday, September 24, 2010

the cracker conundrum

The other night I went to a fancy retirement community for dinner with my friend’s mom. Gated. Sirloin in the dining room. Coat and tie at dinner. Very b more.

The phenomenon that I wish to discuss is the value older people attach to CRACKERS and the reuse of said crackers.

We went to the free standing unit that this wonderful woman had paid top dollar for. All her old oriental rugs and family antiques blended tastefully into her home. Such a nice size kitchen with gleaming countertops. Then I saw it. The familiar, dreaded cracker canister-a canister just like the one I had become familiar with in my mother in law’s kitchen. I knew what was inside.

Bourbon was poured. I had flat ginger ale (a topic for another time) and we went into the gracious and spacious living room for the cocktail hour. And here were the crackers. So stale they were rubbery. So old they had mold on them. Crackers graced with our host’s special blend of peanut butter and baco bits. Yum. Also old nuts. Salad dressing with withered celery stalks.

You get the picture. The point is that somewhere along the path to ancientness, one develops a dislike of cracker wastefulness. Suddenly, nothing will do but an aluminum tin in which to store said crackers. After dinner, when the guests have left, hours later, the crackers are returned to their home. Ready for the next time crackers are needed. Forever and ever, Amen!

Is it the same with potato chips?

More Later!



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