Friday, November 19, 2010

Dear Almost Precious

I can't tell you how much it means to me to open my blog and always, always find a nice long comment from you!  I know what you mean about the consumerism.  My own story with that kind of thing is that my mom felt the same way about me.  She had a very sad upbringing in some ways-she was an orphan pretty young and was passed around through her relatives a good bit.  I didn't think I was extravagant with our kids, we bought them things like a doorframe folding puppet theatre and bikes and easybake ovens.  I still fight the budget thing.  What you said about the lending sounds right to me.  I haven't been approached for more than a deposit for rent so we'll see.

your friend,


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  1. Plantress, Saturday was the first day in what seems like forever, that I didn't even turn on my computer. I volunteered to help out at my Creative Arts Association's fall art show and ended up spending most of the day on my feet, greeting people, handing out programs, explaining about the door prize registration table, encouraging them to take a complimentary watercolor paintbox set home with them and most of all directing them to where the restrooms were. But it was a good day, a nice turn out from the public and most of the artists and crafters said they were happy with the sales they got. Sorry there will be no pictures as I was half-way there before I realized my camera was at home ... wasn't about to turn around and go fetch it.

    I think I would really love to see just one old fashioned Christmas again, one without all the craziness of today. The madness of Black Friday; the jostling of trying to get that "Must Have" toy that the TV commercials have brainwashed the kids into believing they've got to have or die. To have people wake up and realize that LOVE isn't about how many presents you get or how big and expensive they are ... that love comes from the heart and it can be as simple as a crayon drawing from a child or a hand crocheted scarf from grandma or nothing at all, just a big warm hug. Guess I must be crazy huh? :D