Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall is hastening into yucky weather here in Maryland. Cold rain brings down the lovely leaves to form a wet mass underfoot-just starting to smell of leaf mould. I am ready to stay at home all day long and make necklaces out of sterling and copper wire. The 25 feet of copper I got the other day is quickly going as I twist my way through necklaces with focals. Necklaces with beads. Copper “chains”. Copper clasps. It’s nice to use a less expensive material than sterling-it makes you less afraid to take risks. The hard thing about using gemstones and sterling is that each move must be considered. Every mistake is a giant waste of money. Less expensive materials clear the mind of such clutter leaving room to just try. Try and try until something resonates. I’m glad it’s fall so that I can work with amber chips and garnets again. I love all the fall colors.

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  1. Copper can be just as pretty as the more expensive metals. I know what you mean though about using less expensive materials gives you more guts for risk to try something new...and when it comes out awesome you can recreate a more decadent version. :)

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