Tuesday, December 14, 2010

adult diapers!

Miss Artsy-Fartsy got me thinking about snuggies with pee in them; which naturally led to a search on etsy for adult diapers.  Dang if they don't have them.  I want these pirate ones for when the time comes.  argghhh matey!


  1. Stop it, you are cracking me up too much!!! T. :)

  2. Etsy ... the place where you'll find all your needs ... and then some.
    I assume these are handmade so one could get them in a fabric of their choice, like Loony Tune and Disney Characters? How about a Little Mermaid print for an "under-the-sea" theme?

  3. Oh my. I always think of George Carlin whenever I think of adult people needing this kind of care. Loosely... "change me. I pooped."