Monday, December 13, 2010

windy and cold...brrrrrrrrrrrrr

I am very glad right now that I don't live in the heartland.  How can they live there year after year with the kind of weathers that they have!  Yikes.  And now in Fla they are trying to save acres and acres of strawberries from being frozen out before they are ripe.  They are going to water them down.  That really does work.  It's the layer between the plant and the ice that protects the plant. 

I'm pretty sure that all my "elaborate" festive greens, (see previous post about greens or lights) have blown away by now.  Who cares?  Not I!

Honestly I am wondering if there is an etsy shop that makes handsewn snuggies.  If there is I will post again and we'll check out the shop.
More Later....

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  1. It's freakin' cold here where I'm at!! it was zero degrees farenheit at noon today!! (30 below normal for this time of year)