Sunday, May 8, 2011

garden work

or how I spent my mother's day

my dog bisby has dug holes all over our property.  This bed was a sandbox when my kids were little but has been a flower bed for years now.  After bisby was through here is what it looked like:

filled with holes and an ugly mess So I dug it up, saving the couple of plants that were left and replanted the whole thing.  I have in here flag iris, nepeta 6 hills giant, trailing verbena homestead purple, asters, geranium johnson's blue and some japanese iris.  It will look better in a week or two.

I also rounded up some poison ivy, planted impatiens and did some weeding.  Gotta love these beautiful days.  Tonight we will have monster steaks on the grill and salad and taters.  Super day!

1 comment:

  1. Guess bisby was just tilling the soil for you. You did a good job of saving the flowerbed though, I bet in a week it will look better than ever.

    I would have loved to have planted a veggie garden but it's a bit late to do that now.