Monday, April 23, 2012

Dear Readers,

Hello.  Here it is, a rainy and cold Monday morning in April.  Probably just as it should be BUT I just saw a June bug on Friday night AND my peonies are already in BUD so this weather does not bode well for the spring flower display.  I wait all winter for the peonies.  They are my favorite flower and I hope that their short lived blooms are not destroyed by this hideous weather.  Grr.

Work has been so great lately-the shrieks of happy little middle school girls have been echoing down the hall and I have been smiling to myself over their antics.  Today though, I find myself once again morphed into Mrs Grundy from the archie comics.  I am frowning and grumbly at the imperfections of the system. 

Next weekend I am forcing the hubmeister to travel with me to upstate NY, our home away from home, to look at a cabin for sale.  It is not what we want, it is not something that will be permanent, BUT it is something for now that will give us a base of operations during the summer and fall when we are visiting the lake and other family members.  It looks to be the size of a small dog kennel-jk.  It is quite small but tough shit-that is what you get for cheap.  That’s the thing, we can actually afford to get this.  I don’t really care WHAT it is like, I pretty much plan on making a bid for it.  Have to take a chance sometime ya know?  It will be a great headquarters for our trips north and we can take the dogs.  I really think it is time for us to stop renting our cousin’s house.  They have girls who are interested-although a bit late in the game-in taking over.  We can’t usually predict when their vacations will be so even though we pay to rent it for the summer we must take a back seat to the cousin’s plans which has often caused a hasty rescheduling on our part and lost vacation time.  This will keep our relationships sweet I think.

More Later!



Sunday, April 1, 2012


What a lovely weekend it has been.  I have been working outside and the weather has been cool and cloudy.  Perfect for cleaning out beds.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I am sitting here wondering what to have for dinner.  My friend Sadie from work is prob kind of ticked off because I blew off working out to come home-and do what?  I mean there is always yard work, laundry and dog hair removal but really what is the rush?  I do this every day, rush home from work and then wonder why I did.  How about you?

haaaaaaaa so true!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday pleasures

Howdy there, oh hello!  After all that counting down and such I ignored you through my entire spring break.  Hope you have been making good use of your time while I've been gone.  The break was lovely.  Work starts back up tomorrow. 

I think my favorite aspect of being off of work is the luxury of waking up naturally when one is ready.  Just the snuggling up with the dogs in bed was quite lovely really.  Day dreaming, reading multiple library books, slowly beginning work on the garden beds, potting up daffodils for the side tables inside, winding the clocks and cleaning out the fireplace for the year...these are a few of my favorite things and I did them all.

Lovely trip to home goods this morning.  I like that store!

More Later!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Paddy's Day btw

I just had the most awesome meal.  Went to our neighbor's and the cosmos and guinness were flowing.  Richard was making Irish car bombs.  When we left there were many happy vocalists belting out "oh Danny boy".  Though I did not eat the cabbage part I was chatting with a library lady who told me that she could tell what part of Baltimore you were from based on whether or not you put vinegar on your cabbage.  Or if you topped the potatoes with the cabbage or had it to the side.  Interesting. 

So typical, the guy never showed.  I got up at the stinking crack of dawn and was out of the room, bed made, before 8am.  By 8:30 I starting working outside and the call came in at 9:10 or so.  Truck broke down-he'll be in touch.  Whatever.

Muscles are sore, belly is full-it's been a good day

More Later,


first day of vaca

so first day and wth am I doing up at 7 am?  I told the handyman guy to be here at 8 and forgot that they would be working directly from the bedroom.  sigh.  Today's project will be to fix the overhanging roof gutter and downspout.  Not a huge job but very high up.  Can't wait to see if he can do it.  He says he has a truck, all tools and scaffolding but I secretly don't believe it.  Get thee behind me judgement.  Time for a coffee infusion.  I will report back.  2 st Paddies parties today I feel very popular but sad that I no longer drink.

More Later,


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

countdown day 3 and the handyman

It will probably come as no surprise to you that the meeting did not go quite as I had envisioned.  I will try to reserve my judgmental nature and see the work that he will begin on Saturday.  At 8am.

Sigh.  Nothing is perfect but you never know. 

More Later,


countdown now 3!

Ahoy and hello tiny group of 2 readers!  Thanks for the comments.  It's great to be back in biznez with the whole bloggy thing.

 I just made a four page list of all the repairs I can think of that need doing around here.  My muscles aren't even sore!  So someone, a handyman by trade, left his card on my door and I thought "huh, guess he noticed the collasping corn crib door on his way by."  Then I realized that it could have been MANY things that attracted him to our property.  It must look beautius to the handyman world view-or maybe like a pot o' gold at the end of the suburbam rainbow.

So I called him.  I figured if he had the get up and go to leave his card and wade through my pack of dogs to do so he must at least like dogs.  Def a point in the favor of any workman person trying to make things happen around here.  You know dogs, they are in, they are out, they are barking, they bring you a toy to admire, they wiggle and lie right behind you when you are in close quarters....

I have an appointment with him here at 6:30 so I am armed with my list and hopeful that he will show.  I also want him to look at my list and say "great!  No job is too small!  Let's knock these out one by one and I can also think of a few more things I can do.  Very inexpensively!  Want to go to the salvage yard together?  I know the owner.  I can get lots of cool stuff like antique mirrors and brass butler sinks for free!"  My new best friend.  Is it any wonder I am abhored by most people when most of my best conversations and relationships only happen in my head in imaginary conversations?

So let's see what happens, shall we?  Nes flash is that he just called.  More after he leaves!