Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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On the etsy forums today I read the complaint of a crafter who complained that they do their pendants full time and that they were SICK of being asked questions about How the work was made. The artist said "I do this full time and I am starving" meaning that her sales did not support her.

I really admire these etsy folk who are surviving in these times on what they make on etsy. Most of the stuff isn't very expensive-I have a hard time imagining trying to make ends meet on 30 sales a month of $29 -ok I have no idea, this could really be an exaggeration. I do think that it would be fun as a part time income and that many etsians make money through craft shows and other venues such as wholesale accounts and their own web sites. As someone who hasn't made sale#1 I can't really judge others! I don't give a poo! I am going to keep on because I enjoy it and I really like pearls...:)

I want to get millions of facebook fans so please come aboard!

More later!

ps-Lauren your knitting is so amazing-folks check out that Lulu. Explain to me how your shop works when you have time xo

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  1. Aww, thanks Mary! I haven't really sold any knitting yet, maybe if this whole Madam Librarian thing tanks!