Thursday, January 21, 2010

It must be going to rain or snow because my leg is aching. What the heck? What is it about turning 50 that signals ones body to begin to feel 80? Suddenly I am an ancient hag with deep lines, aching hips and poor vision! I blame my early years of partying. I will have my comeuppance for those years but I will also have my memories (however foggy). However, I will not go lightly into those twilight years. I will become an artiste and wear macramé Mexican ponchos over my layers of moldy, flowing robes. I will recite the love song of J Alfred Prufrock at random moments in the grocery store line! I will wear enough patouli to affect bystanders like teargas or fresh cat piss. In short, I will be difficult.

JK I am really 23.

I told myself that this blog would be only about the jewelry. That’s why I erased the other posts. But guess what? It’s really all about me as we all know and I can’t seem to contain myself . I like to babble along and journey into the land of fictional characters, or at least thinly disquised ones. I also am interested in pimping my blog. I really want it to be three columns but my techiness does not extend to making this happen. You have no idea how thrilled I was just to cut and paste that groovy keep on trucking button. Let me remember to credit the site for that. Anyhoodles, I think the solution is that you, dear reader, buy some of my jewelry in exchange for reading this! That seems fair. You’ll get a one of a kind original piece and a few smiles from the blog. I will have money to keep on buying jewelry supplies and support my hobby. Is it a deal? Thank God that is settled. Let the good times roll.

More later,

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