Sunday, January 24, 2010


It is raining. I have been reading the new Barbara Kinsolving novel;The Lacuna. I am enjoying it very much. The fire is cracking, the CD player has Billie Holiday on low and the dogs were sleeping all over the rug.

Now, of course, I am talking to you and the dogs are pacing in the next room wondering if it is worth getting comfortable all over again or whether they should just stand around looking forlornly at the treat jar.

I saw this great slideshow of a modern apartment that I want you to look at. Although I wonder where the heck they put their stuff? I am always amazed and suspicious of any apartment that is clutterfree. Do they just sit there? Where are the books? The mail? The dog toys? Is there any dirty laundry? You get the picture. It is best to remind ones self that they did KNOW that company was coming. Apparently they have more hiding places than we do! Maybe I can put the slideshow somewhere in here with that little HTML button...

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