Monday, February 1, 2010

I think P might stand for persistant......

Good evening to all of you in blog land.  First of all my bestest friend's daughter just had her first baby!  My friend Janney is a grandmother.  omg we must be getting old or something.  She is my first friend to have a grand child-heck some of our friends still have kids in elementary school.  As for me, my oldest will perhaps be engaged one of these days.  I hope that all of my kids have at least moved out before we become grandparents for God's sake.  If they don't I swear I am moving! 

I just want to touch briefly, while we are here, on a nonjewelry related subject.  I hope you can hack it.  So, last week while I was sick I saw a show on the discovery health channel that I couldn't believe!  I wanted to text my friend Katie and tell her it was on but we are work friends and I was sick so I was hesitant.  The show was about sexual rare disease and the most amazing one was called P-GAD.  I forget what the P stands for but the GAD stands for genital arousal disorder.  Apparently it is very annoying and the people who have it don't like it at all.  Well, I don't wish to dwell on the subject but I'll just close by saying that it is somehow related to restless leg syndrome-that sounds like a cruel joke but it isn't.  Check it out on wickepedia.

Thank God I got that off my chest.  Here is the latest jewelry news:  I just brought in lots of bags from my supply area, looked  up my past gemstone purchases and labeled them!  So now I will be able to describe those gemstones accurately.  I hope it helps me write better descriptions.  I also am going to look for a harder silver wire and maybe experiment with some wrapping techniques.  I have a bracelet made of hard sterling wire that was supposedly knit by a jeweler in New Hampshire.  I have been unable to get contact info on this artist but I would love to watch her work.  Does anyone know if it is possible to actually knit sterling wire?  Perhaps a question for the etsy forums!

More Later!

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  1. There was an article on Twist Collective about knitting with wire: . Let me know if the link doesn't work, I had to type the full thing out so there might be a typo.