Tuesday, February 2, 2010

minor celeb

Holy poo I was mentioned in someone's blog!  I was on the etsy forums and I wrote a kind of tongue in cheek answer to someone's post about love advice and they put it in their blog.  It mentioned my love of bacon...http://adviceandopinionsfromthenet.blogspot.com/

We are expecting snow.  Dare I say it?  Perhaps a snow day!!!  Maybe.  I think you have to not get your hopes up or you will be shattered the next day when you wake up and it is nothing but a dusting.

I bought my first set of Alder Creek Designs business cards tonight.  whoot.  They are weird because my name isn't there just all internet stuff...the etsy shop and this blog.  How anon is that?  I like it!  I also ordered some super cool hand hammered sterling earwires that are ver long and twisty.  Can't wait to add these GIGANTIC pearls I got. 

more later
xo  plantress

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