Tuesday, February 9, 2010

guess what? It's snowing!

I would prefer it not snow, thank you.  Caroline spent a good bit of this morning driving around looking for a snowshovel.  They got 500 in at the home depot in timonium and she got there 30 minutes after the delivery.  50 were left.  One per customer please!  Panic in the Baltimore area hon.  If we are snowed in again tomorrow I don't think I will bother getting up except to check the mail for my new earring findings supplies.

When gemstone beads, focals or sterling findings come it is like a little mini holiday for me.  I have to rip open the envelope, spill that sh#t out on the table and think about it.  I have to get all crazy for awhile just scurrying around looking at it and holding other stuff up against it.  I want to sit down and use it all up and at the same time I want to hoard it like a squirrel.  What the heck does this mean doctor?  I am a sick little pup who thinks too much.  Or not enough.  whatevs! 

Black bean soup for dinner.  Then; methane power!  TMI for you?  Never!

Some of the snowflakes look to be the size of a small bird.  sigh.

more later!

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