Monday, February 8, 2010

more snow expected

It's hard to believe but I don't have school tomorrow!  School is where I work.  It provides me with youth, laughs, health insurance and money to pay the mortgage.  Right now it feels like we haven't had a solid stretch of school in awhile.  Then President's day weekend is right around the corner!  I haven't even bought any valentines because of the snow.

I wanted to share this uplifting, colorful site with you.  These patterns automatically make me feel fresh and hopeful.  Fabric can have that effect on a room.  I see colors and patterns here that remind me of pine cone hill, garnet hill, lilly pulitzer, vineyard get the drift.  Anyway, we could all use some fresh and cheerful colors right now.  Spring is just around the corner after all!

doesn't this make you want to recover a chair?  Or start a project?  It makes me smile.  Especially the birds!

More Later!

xo Plantress


  1. Wow, those colors are fantastic, just the thing to cheer me up on a dreary morning!

    I especially love the owls!

  2. Me too! I love your knitted monsters!