Saturday, February 6, 2010

that pioneer feeling.

well shiver me timbers and break out the bacon grease  Son of a gun if it didn"t snow a boatload.  It is till snowing hard and I swear there is at least 2 feet on the ground already.  Also, it is blowing.  Furthermore, there is a very unwise driver stuck in the middle of the road on the curve outside of this house.  I tell myself that he is not an idiot and there must  be a good reason for him to be out in his 2 wheel drive vehicle.  The road has not been plowed.  Not good.  Ungood in fact.

Snowed in!  I have made a nest in the living room.  Here is my big red couch, my burnt orange patterned blanket, the book I am slogging through entitled The Girl who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsonn, my 5 new $5.00 cushions frometsy seller minxden 

I love playing with the settings but I wish they had my favorite font Papyrus bold.  I also like copperplate bold and Georgia.  What fonts do you love?  Any favs?  Ok back to normal size for now.

Not to complain but my tooth is throbbing in a way that no anbusol and ibuprophen can touch.  Just thought I'd share.  Yikes, I am going to be the old woman that can't stop talking about her health.
The babyshower is postponed.  Maybe we can buy more gifts!  I bought my niece a baby bouncy chair and a gift card to target but I want to also get some cute booties and spit cloths.  I love new babies.

Time to build up the fire and go to the etsy forums!

More later



  1. Yeah, I didn't even try to get out there and drive. The snow wins today.

  2. Lovely nest.. We have a good 3-4 ft of snow here (Newfoundland, Canada) and it's still coming.. If I actually liked the stuff I guess I could build a decient snow man. I'm hiding out till spring.