Thursday, February 4, 2010


gotcha!  I really am a bit of a basket addict so I saw this great wastebasket on esty made by those crazy Amish.  I was wondering if you would buy this for me?
lovely isn't it?
it would make my trash so elegant!

so anyway we are trying again for the snow storm  This time we have the possibility of getting 20 inches!  whoot squared!  We'll see.  I hope they close school tomorrow without even bothering to open.  The problem with closing during the day is letting all the parents know and arranging pick up.

Today I wore some wire wrapped cathedral glass earrings that I made and a very long necklace with dangles that I also made last month.  I got a few compliments which encourages me beyond all reasonableness...I will take all the praise I can get dag gum it.

So what up this weekend?  I am going to practice wire wrapping with copper wire and try winding it around different things like curling irons and water pipes.  And you?  I'd like to hear your adventures if possible! 

Baby shower Saturday will probably not happen now.  I hope we reschedule...

much more later!
xo plantress

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