Thursday, March 11, 2010

hoping for some insurance bail out

Hey there you 49 followers!  There is some sadistic 50th follower out there teasing me by withholding signing up but I pretend not to care...

Today's subj is the late winter and the giant storm!  Did anyone else have their gutters ripped clean off their house by this storm-o-rama?  No?  Well the luck of the plantress family held true to form and we had extensive damage!  Today, in about 5 seconds, the catastrophic event agent (kid you NOT) is supposed to come here to access the damage and start the creaky wheels of claim justice turning..  We actually are submitting 3 claims and I hope to see some results from each one.

Does anyone out there have damage from the storm?  Of course you do!  I think because there was a state of emergency declared the insurance company will be paying our claim!  Fingers crossed. 

More Later!

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