Friday, March 12, 2010

Lets give ourselves a HONEY facial

I was reading another blog about the benefits of honey as a food.  Apparently serfs used honey as payment for their allotments in ancient times as well.  Who knew?!

What you don't hear about as much is the incredible benefits of honey to the skin.  No kidding!  Here is the secret;  moist, steamed, pores -open skin

Get your face all clean and  steamy and lather that honey on.  You can let it dry like a mask and then put warm towels on your face to remove OR you can keep a sue bee honey bear in the shower and use it in there.  Either way it works as a deep moisturizer.  It gives your complexion a translucent glow with repeated use.  Somehow it regenerates your system to increase collegen production.

I can't imagine anyone being allergic to it but I suppose it is possible.  I like farmers market honey that is "raw" but the sue bee or and cheap grocery store honey still produces results.

Try it for two weeks, every day and then report back to me-to thank me!

yours for beauty secrets!

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