Friday, March 12, 2010

Pimp my blog!

Anyone out there want to showcase their design skills by pimping my blog?  It is very dull looking, the header is schizophrenic and I have very low tech skills!

Or, I'll pay you $20 to make the blog the slickest around.  I am kind of a pink and green preppy type -forever caught between my need to be girly and the necessity of looking professional.  The header shows that.  I love the blue hills but realize I should have a jewelry photo so I have both which looks stupid! 

I would love to have 3 attractive columns with lots of links or even ads.  I know $20 isn't much but think of the fun involved!  Free is goods and I'll give you lots of blog time and facebook too.  I'm going out of town until Monday night but write back w/contact info in comment and you will hear from me next week

optimistically yours,


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