Sunday, April 25, 2010

collectible tee shirts

I have been going crazy this year at Ann Taylor Loft, buying tee shirts.  I usually am not interested, opting for sleeveless polos in the summer.  My love of the romantic, collectible tee shirts that are out this year has overcome my fear of the roll exposing non flattering tee shirt fit on my ample frame.  Have you seen these shirts at the loft?  Irritatingly enough, when I search images under ruffled t shirts or appliqued flowers or even romantic tops, none of the kind of shirts I'm looking for comes up.

This is what I want to buy more of!  I adore the 3 dimensional flower.  What do you call this in a search?  Got me!  Interestingly, on the loft site I see very few of the tops that I bought but they are all very intricate like this one. 

I have this one but I
wouldn't wear it with this skirt.  More like pale pink linen or olive green...

below are images I like pertaining to this style

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