Friday, April 23, 2010

An update from your friend Plantress

Hi everyone of you wonderful followers! Just a quick follow up about the pearl sale test show. I decided to use props to try to evoke the mood of “tradition”. I used a 15 foot black velvet runner over a long table. I added rounds and squares underneath for different heights. I polished many of my family pieces of sterling such as baby cups, porringers, cream pitchers and bowls and scattered them along the table to evoke the mood I was after. I popped some confetti poppers and randomly placed streamers, along with confetti on the table.

I draped and placed pearl necklaces coming out of bowls, around bracelet “racks” and in pools of velvet. The result was VERY nice. The only thing was, I had barely any customers! Oh well. I did make money and it was fun.

BUT here is my little bright moment from God today. Not to sound like a religious nut! I got to work, and I admit I was a little discouraged over my sales yesterday. I opened my email and there was a sales confirmation of one of my etsy store necklaces!!! Guess what it was? Pearls. Ha ha. I was very happy since my shop has been very dormant and I decided it was a message to keep going.

It’s cool how we can choose to interpret these “messages” any way we wish! Alrighty then! More later. Thanks for reading.



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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! (Your set up at the show sounded really nice!)
    You have such lovely jewelry...