Thursday, April 15, 2010

It’s the little things!

Let’s discuss what makes us happiest in the spring. I love it in the morning when the mist rises gently over the ponds when I leave for work. Living in the country, I have a gradual transition in either direction. Going to work in the morning I see the mists and the beginning of the day. By the time the landscape becomes suburban and densely populated with developments I am mentally prepared for work. In the evening it works the other way. My mind is still full of work, and as I drive into the country that falls away until I am back to myself; wondering if the dogs have rolled in manure in my absence!

I forget to be grateful that I have land-instead I am mad that our riding mower is in the shop with 60 tractors ahead of it. I forget to be happy that I am not disabled-instead I resent getting up and having to go to work every day. Hmmm, some of us need an attitude adjustment!

Look well Unto this day

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