Wednesday, April 14, 2010

today today today

Today I busted a little girl for being on her gmail account instead of the science web page that was up in the computer lab.  Today I had mushroom quiche cold but it was good anyway.  Today Sadie asked me in a very shocked voice "what's wrong?  You look so upset" but it was just my normal face.  I hate that.

So I am getting involved with a new line of jewelry.  I found a gal who will wholesale me all of these great pearl products.  I love the simplicity of the line.  I want to create 2 different lines; one for the bride/bridesmaid/mom of bride/grown up, elegant woman, and another for the young girl-college age girl.  I have ordered and recieved my first shipment and hope to have a sales event in the next few weeks.  If it seems like it will work out I will talk about it more!  I already have the name-

so what do you think?  I would still create my own pieces for etsy but then I can stop worrying about not being commercially appealing


  1. Plantress ~ Sadie only asked you what was wrong because you had your thinkin' face on! Sadie thinks you are wonderful and beautiful and pretty much the funniest person on earth....

    xoxxo, Sadie

  2. can't wait to see what you make! ;)