Monday, April 19, 2010

a little bright light is shining

Here is some good news for Miss Plantress.  I am getting ready to have my first mini show of my new line.  This line is geared toward young women and traditionalists.  It is all pearls and sterling.  My market is moms of senior girls.  The tag line is gifts for friends-gifts for daughters  My goal is to experiment with this age group.  If it does well I will expand the line.  The prices are very reasonable ranging from $18-$55 for some very nice pearl necklaces and earrings.  All very simple pieces.

The other line I am developing is for the Bride and all things wedding.  Very exciting and alot more possibilities for different kinds of designs.  Clusters, drops, multistrand, lariat style...still all in pearls but with lots of twists.

Today I sold a pair of earrings I was wearing.  I think I sell more off my body than any other venue.  Anyway I am excited about the show this week.  I have limited inventory so it is for an hour and a half.
Wish me luck.  I have to decide about the display.  I want some props I think.  Do you use props in your display to evoke a mood or just let the pieces speak for themselves?

more later,



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  1. Best of luck! Let me know how the show goes!

    What's that, a wedding line? Well now I know where I'll be buying my jewelry and gifts for my bridesmaids!!

    Also, love the changes to the blog, it looks great!