Tuesday, April 20, 2010

busy bee

I have been super busy this evening making a scarecrow for our community garden at work and with setting up my wares for the sale on Thursday.  I wanted to lay it out the way I want to display it.  It's so hard for me to tell if it is evoking the mood I want to create or if it just looks random.  In my family things are passed down over generations.  I want to use some objects to evoke the mood of tradition but just because these odd objects "speak" to me doesn't mean they will convey the same message to everyone else.

When you set up for a showing do you use objects to set a stage?  Do you just arrange your jewelry on the surface and that is that?

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  1. I like to set a stage when I put together my displays for shows. I created jewelry using hardware and I use tools and wood for my display. It sounds like your idea will set a nice stage for your show, and people will notice. Good luck at your show!