Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jury Duty

Hello good people!  Well today I had jury duty and let me tell you, I feel much more patriotic having seen the orientation movie entitled "American Juror!" starring;  ME.  AND YOU.  Because we are important to the judiciary system!

My number was 148.  I came early lest I be late.  I came, I sat, I read, I was oriented.  And my number was not called.  We broke for lunch.  I had Pad thai.  It tasted burnt.  I ate it anyway.  Went back.  Sat. Read.  Was dismissed.  I had no car.  Wandered Towson until I could get picked up.

The end. 

I just listed some new earrings in my online etsy store!  If the computer will accept the info I will also add a necklace.  Twice now it has booted me off halfway through, thus losing all the descriptions.  What up with dat?

More later!

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