Sunday, May 23, 2010

treasury west!

ahoy there matey!  Do you know why the pirate couldn't go to the movies?  Because is was rated "r"  (arrrghhh) get it?  hahahaha

I woke up this morning and I thought," I'm fat".  Seriously, did you have that commercial where you live?  It was about eating disorders which are no laughing matter except this commercial followed this girl through her day...example:  "I go to the library and I think "I'm fat"".  I go to school and I think 'I'm fat'.  Well, that is how I spend MY days but I don't get an eating disorder nor do I get thin.  Hmm, what's up w/that?

So I made another treasury!  Do you like how I tossed that out like I make them every day?  This one has some pretty cool stuff.  Check it out and leave a comment at

Mine is the your purple passion.  Maybe, in fact, you will be inspired to visit my shop! 

I have a confession.  I cheated on etsy yesterday.  Yes, yes I am a whore.  I went to a Silpada party and bought a ring.  I know, what is etsy finds out?  Will etsy break up with me?  Stay tuned! 

Also, way to go St Paul's.  We were supposed to go from our friends cocktail party to the game but it started to rain so Janney and I did a drive by.  Richard and every other person in the greater Baltimore area went to the game and watched St Paul's BEAT Boy's Latin.  Oh yeah!  I heard little Gordy Long is a knock out player.  I saw him pick up his first stick at 6 and predicted this!

More Later,


  1. Ooooo, your blog is fun! Hi! And you're not fat. I'm not sure about the Silpada thing, though. Is the ring fab?

  2. the ring is sooo fab. It is a hammered silver thick band with a circle of 14k (plated grr) gold across the center that I can actually spin around!
    I am a "woman of substance" as my friend Diane says!

  3. Oh my heavens, this post cracks me up! :D

  4. Well I feel a little like a fallen woman with the whole silpada party-what with their high prices and mass produced catalogs and all (blushes)